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The US-AC8ZD Reflector is a bridged network between a URF URFd server that supports DMR/YSF, MREFD reflector that supports M17, and a independent (not linked up) FreeDMR server. Occasionally its linked up to an Allstar Node (550461) / Echolink but not always.

Reflector Dashboard

Quick Reference


This is my local internal network, anyone is welcome to connect and have a QSO with me or whoever may be connected.

M17M17-239 Module H
PiStar YSF19515 (you can search for US-AC8ZD in wires-x passthru search)
PiStar DMR2YSFTG 7019515
Hamshack HotlineExt. 94129


I also link into Zombie Alert on M17 Module G, It's a local Detroit area linked repeater system with low traffic and a Thursday nightly net with worldwide checkins. Please join us 7pm Eastern US Time on Thursdays!

PiStar YSF88240
DMR2YSFTG 7088240
Wires-XRoom 28298
M17M17-239 Module G

Special Notes

At this time, I don't have hardware transcoding, so I cheat and have DMR/YSF on modules C,D and their respective M17 on modules G,H. I then use DMR2M17 to bridge the two protocols C=G, D=H.

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