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URF 239 is an experimental reflector using the urfd software from N7TAE.
Module A is local traffic and is the default YSF module which is connected to YSF 70777.

Module C is local traffic for DSTAR.

Module E is DMR and linked to Eastern Michigan Link

Connections to the Reflector

DMR Instructions

MMDVM connection to port 62030, passw0rd (that's a zero)

Private Call to TG 4000 will reset module you are linked to. (do this anytime you want to change modules, or on first connect)

Private Call to TG 4001 links to A

Private Call to TG 4002 links to B

Private Call to TG 4005 links to E

Group Call to TG 6 (sometimes this is TG 9) will tx/rx on the module you link to.

YSF Instructions

YSF connection to port 42000 will link you default to Module A


Only one Module is for DSTAR use

DSTAR connection, connect first to XRF239C, set UR Call to 4003 (module C)


Connecting to M17-239 or manually port 17000 – I'm not using URFd's M17 at this time, however I do have the original MREFd running for M17. It's M17-239 in Droidstar or MVoice.

Module A is sometimes cross mode linked to URF239A

Module B is sometimes cross mode linked to URF239B

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