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Anytone BT-01

Recently received my Anytone BT-01 to use with my Anytone 578 Mobile radio.. check out the Anytone 578 page here: Anytone 578

Anytone 878 Detroit Area Codeplug

This should work with the Anytone 878, maybe the 578. It's only the channels, zones, and talkgroups to keep it compatible. You will need to modify any other settings and such.

Anytone 878 Codeplug for Detroit Area - Last Updated on 2022-12-03

To import:

  1. Connect your radio to your computer with the programming cable.
  2. Create a new file (File.. New) and then initialize and read from radio.
  3. Download and extract zip file
  4. Select Tool from menu, and then Import.
  5. Click on top button labeled Import from File List.
  6. Select the .lst file.
  7. Import
  8. Edit the rest of your code plug and enter your radio id information before writing to radio.
  9. Write to the radio and try it out. Rinse and repeat editing and writing to radio to tweak to your personal liking. Don't forget to save the file also.

The way this codeplug is set up for DMR, is there is a zone called Detroit DMR. This zone consists of two channels for each repeater. One for Timeslot 1 and the other for Timeslot 2. You will have to refer to the repeater's specific talkgroups which to use. I chose this method to make things simple instead of making many channels for each talkgroup on the same repeater. You can hold down the 0 button and then enter talkgroup manually or press the contact button to scroll in the list. For the Mi5 repeaters they should already default to statewide 1 for Timeslot 1 and statewide 2 for Timeslot 2 and should be keydown ready by simply changing to their channel. Same with W8CMC (local 1 and local 2). K9DPD defaults to 3126 michigan which is linked to brandmeister's 3126 as another example.

DMR Resources

Pistar - This is where you should start if just beginning - This is for the not feint at heart, but would like a more modern cutting edge experience.

Code Plug Helpers – this one is awesome for tyt md-uv380 - supports many diff radios, from linux/raspberry pi - converts between different code plug types.

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