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The AC8ZD Wiki is mostly information and ramblings from me. I hope you find something useful!

I humbly activate/hunt POTA these days on HF and I tinker with M17/DMR/Fusion/Allstar. I don't do anything big.. but focus on having fun, experimenting and learning/sharing knowledge with others :)

This wiki is a constant work in progress and some information may be inaccurate, outdated, or could be better stated. Please take everything you find here as more of an introduction and inspiration to find out more.

Where I'm Monitoring / Where You can Contact Me


You can see the tables below for details. In general, I could be anywhere heh. but good chance I'm monitoring ZOMBIE-ALERT.

Some of my other favorites to monitor on Analog Double Nickel Repeater (443.550), DMR.. BM Michigan 3126, Mi5 Statewide 1 and 2


As mentioned, not really on all the time.. but locally I will listen to KA8WYN (443.550) since I can hit it with my HT.



This is my self contained multi-mode system. I use for tinkering and not breaking other systems networks :) It generally isn't hooked up to RF except for my RF from hotspots, but you should identify anyways when connected. Not all these access methods are bridged. It's not uncommon for me to have them turned off. DMR and YSF are always available, but M17 may not be connected for example. Same with Allstar/Echolink/Hamshack Hotline. They are isolated bubbles right now and once there is a stable way to bridge them all I will.


YSF 70777DMR2YSF 7070777
M17M17-239 Module A
Echolink740262 (AC8ZD-L)
Hamshack HotlineExt. 94129


This is a linked system within the Detroit Metro area. I monitor it frequently since its low traffic and idle most of the time.


PiStar YSF28298
DMR2YSFTG 7028298
Wires-XRoom 28298

This is a relatively young (name change) linked system. It used to be DETROIT-METRO and now renamed EasternMILink to reflect the area it serves. It stretches from Toledo Ohio up to almost near the Mackinaw Bridge area.

Eastern Michigan Link

WiresXEastern-MI-Link #43148
YSFUS-EasternMILink #92160
D-StarREF106A / XRF106A / DCS106A
EchoLinkAD8DP-L #878385

Other Means of Contacting me

  • My Hamshack Hotline Extension: 86265
  • dave (at)

Metro Detroit

  • USECA - - kinda my nostalgic home club .. they are how I started in the hobby many years ago.
  • GMARC - - somewhere I have some charter member certificate but haven't really been involved there.
  • HPARC - - hazel park arc - helped me with my extra - I took one of their zoom online classes.


What Do you want to know more about ?

I Don't Have My License Yet – Great place to start!

Ham Radio for Dummies - Wonderful book -

I Have My License now what?


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